Google Pixel 4: Should you upgrade?

With the Pixel 4 and 4XL, Google’s upped its camera game and has a new, faster Assistant on board. Are these improvements enough? Let’s find out.

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23 thoughts on “Google Pixel 4: Should you upgrade?”

  1. With so many stuff missing, ultra wide, no more front facing speaker, small battery. I'm not sure how Google can justify selling this pixel as expensive as the iPhone . Been a big fan of Google phone since the Nexus days and this time I guess I would sit it out or look for some other phone

  2. Loved my pixel 2 xl because of the camera and the unlimited original storage. But im out. Going back to apple. They let me down. And no wide angle camera? Because they think zooming 2x is more fun??? Thats your reason??????? Im out. I love google but they let me down this year as well. Im sure the camera will be great tho. But iphone caught up too…

  3. It’s great to see a phone without a notch what isn’t great is the fact that the pixel phones are exclusive to one carrier and that carrier is not available here where I live so I am screwed why do companies do that why can’t those of us who don’t have the carrier that a particular phone (Google and Oneplus) is with why can’t we get those phones as well

  4. Too bad it won't work in a number of country's now. The radar thing is kind of needed and won't work in a lot of Asia. Had my order placed and had to cancel it a few hours later due to it not being able to work where I'm moving to.

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