GOOGLE PIXEL 4 & PIXEL 4XL – Full Specs & Design

The Google Pixel 4 & Google Pixel 4 XL Specs & Design have been revealed and i’ll be sharing all today!

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The google pixel 4 & google pixel 4 XL are the upcoming flagships from google. While normally known for their incredible single camera performance both the google pixel 4 & the pixel 4 XL will be equipped with dual camera’s on the rear. Today we go over the full specs, design, launch & price of the pixel 4 & the pixel 4 xl along with an unboxing…

21 thoughts on “GOOGLE PIXEL 4 & PIXEL 4XL – Full Specs & Design”

  1. Ugh… It's BETTER than their previous designs but those thick bezels, horrific forehead, and just outright disgusting cam bump….

    Is it seriously THAT difficult to just design a damn cam array configuration that's just FuQin' flat and flush with the rear panel???

  2. Do you think you could give me a recommendation for a new phone? I currently have iPhone 6s and its getting kind of slow. I'm looking for something mid tier and don't really need anything super power heavy as I don't do any heavy gaming. I would like at least some water resistance and a pretty decent camera at least. Thank you for your time!

  3. From a pixel user I say the new device looks perfect! Because of all the features it is packing it looks just fine. It does not have to prove to any other manufacturer!

  4. I think this design looks flipping hot. I hate the notch and the pinhole punch outs. Give me a clean forehead on a phone any day. Especially if Google is going to be integrating Soli in to it. I can already think of a million ways that it will be really useful for me.

  5. Awesome review brother TT. Looks like a nice phone. Don't know what to upgrade to now. You keep showing me so many. Lol Keep the reviews coming. Hope you have an awesome weekend brother

  6. Gotta give it to Google – ugliest phones 2 year straight ! Gotta be good at something.
    Look at the video how they show only lower thinner bezel while hiding that top Bigbezelus gigantus .just like last year in keynote hiding that notchmare all the time lol.

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