Google Pixel 4 Leaks: Exclusive 360 Renders

Google Pixel 4 leaks. These are exclusive leaked renders of Google Pixel 4 new design and physical features. Have a look:

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16 thoughts on “Google Pixel 4 Leaks: Exclusive 360 Renders”

  1. I realize the masses want a bezel less screen but I for one dont. I think the S10 with the hole in the screen is stupid. I understand there needs to be space for the speaker and sensors at the top. I love my s9+ except for the rolled side that causes you not to be able to install a screen protector unless you want to glue a $50 glass to an $800 phone no thanks. I'm glad google is getting better at cell phones and I think my next may be the pixel 4xl if the price is right. +1 on usability over looks. I mean your just gonna put a case on it right

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