Google Pixel 4 LEAKED on Video! (Both Variants)

On Pocketnow Daily, we have some deals on Amazon for the Nokia 9 PureView. HMD just announced 5 new phones at IFA including a flip phone. TCL just announced a phone under their own brand as well. Sony just revealed the Xperia 5 which brings out great specs in a smaller phone. Samsung finally announced the new Samsung Galaxy Fold. We end today’s show with the Google Pixel 4 leaked on video in both variants.

All this and more after the break.

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37 thoughts on “Google Pixel 4 LEAKED on Video! (Both Variants)”

  1. I'm eagerly awaiting the Pixel 4. Would I rather it look good? Sure. Do I buy the phone because of looks? No. I put a case on them anyway, and if that forehead means I get what I expect to be an awesome inclusion in Soli and fast face unlocking – great! I want the screen to look nice. I want nice, fast, easy pictures. I want a snappy OS with regular security and feature updates. And for any other features – I certainly prefer functionality over looks. I dunno, if this exact design came out 2 years ago people would love it, and we're supposed to hate it now. Whatever.

  2. Asymmetrical bezels are just inexcusable in 2019. I think the smartphone design reached it's peak with the pebble looking Samsung Galaxy S8 and since then it has only been a downward spiral, All thanks to the Notch trend for which Apple is responsible. I am yet to come across a phone as beautiful as that.

  3. Why can't a billion dollar company like Google take their time and spend a little extra to design a beautiful phone? I mean Pixel 4 isn't the ugliest phone, but still they could do way better.

  4. I have followed this channel for some time now, Jaime, is the only Reviewer that bashes design. As you can see by the comments, a lot of people like the look of the Pixel. the Iphone's look doesn't bother me either, we tune in for specs, new features, and tech not your personal opinion, when you do this it no longer becomes a review.

  5. Perfectly said. Pixel camera stills are great but other companies aren't really inferior to them any more. Pixel video recording is trash compared to the competition. Stock android has far less features than the competition, and the Pixel 4 design is straight out of 2017. That design is trash.

  6. I commend google for doing something different. I’d sacrifice looks for well thought out practical features any day. If I can control my music and volume with precise gestures while driving, that’s a game changer for me.

  7. 6.1" is small form factor? I understand today world is running behind 6-5"-6.7" or more but youtubers should promote in their videos by saying that 6" is more than enough for a phone so that companies manufacture under 6" phones and consumers should demand reasonable sized phones within 6" or so.

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