Google Pixel 4 and the Radar Situation

Google just announced a bunch of new hardware including the Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL, Pixelbook Go, Pixelbuds 2 and Nest Mini. Here’s a breakdown.

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44 thoughts on “Google Pixel 4 and the Radar Situation”

  1. Hey, that thing of raising the phone and unlock it with the face and directly to the home screen is not new… I do it with my Note 9!
    Granted: it's not the same system… Google's is "more" secure but the result is the same….

  2. Why tf does that weird dude have a dog? Like what does it bring to the video other than "Oh look, a cute dog"? This is why I don't watch his channel anymore for tech news. Its not even really journalism anymore.

  3. Unpopular opinions:
    A. I don't care about wide angle. I've had them before on phones and it was always something I used a handful of times.
    B. I like the bezels. I hate the accidental touches I had on the s9 and mate 20 pro, and for some reason the keyboard feels more natural with a slight bezel.

    Just my personal preference.

  4. I like the fact that it's just honest by letting us know that they need that top space for certain tech instead of trying to hide a notch with dark default wallpapers. Forehead > Notch

  5. Lew, the agreement to open the freq band isn't usually in relation to safety, it's because something else is using that band. In India, there may be government use, therefore the reason it can't be used commercially as stated in what you read.

  6. man chromebooks are useless. my gf got one for university because it was the cheapest laptop and she regrets it. you can't do anything on it. even typing on the microsoft word app messes up the formating and you have to fix it on a pc. and since microsoft office is required for university its completely useless.

  7. The rain definitely gives the Porsche an advantage. The reason the Tesla is good off the line because instant torque. Pretty crappy tbh. They are just trying to get views

  8. The radar gestures are for when you have your fingers inside your girlfriend’s vagina or for when your girl has her finger in your butthole. You can’t really answer a call until you wash up. The radar makes it very easy to answer without getting your awesome tech all gooey.

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