Google Pixel 3A vs iPhone 11 Camera Comparison

Quick daylight comparison of the cameras. Video (1080p & 4K) and photos. Night and low-light comparisons to come later.
iPhone 11 link:
Pixel 3A link:

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9 thoughts on “Google Pixel 3A vs iPhone 11 Camera Comparison”

  1. In Video the iPhone 11 clearly beats the pixel 3a but photos were close the iPhone Appears to brighten the shadows but the pixel 3a seems to have a hair bit more detail and looks more natural.

  2. I would prefer the iphone 11. But i also think that the pixel 3A is also good. So i guess i love both of the phones. Now in the future i know what phone to get. Again thx alot for sharing. Really appreciate itπŸ™

  3. The outdoor photos were close but I prefer Apple's color profile. The iPhone 11's selfie camera is ridiculously good. This might be the year Apple convinces me to buy their flagship device. Thanks for making this video George. I appreciate it.

  4. The Pixel 3a XL is an awesome phone Love the camera love the battery life Love the stereo speakers there's nothing bad I have to say about this phone

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