Google Pixel 3a UNBOXING + First impression HANDS ON!!!

Hey Veradicts, welcome to my channel.
Unboxing my new Google Pixel 3a Device with you all for the first time. exciting times lol

C̳h̳a̳n̳n̳e̳l̳ ̳S̳c̳h̳e̳d̳u̳l̳e̳:̳
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29 thoughts on “Google Pixel 3a UNBOXING + First impression HANDS ON!!!”

  1. Bye bye Samsung you are welcome Google wow is really beautiful first time hearing of this phone I am thinking of getting LG but I need to do my research on this phone as well thank you for sharing

  2. Your new Google Pixel (New Baby) looks so beautiful. Since you have done the research and said this is good. I will get it for my kids for Christmas. I’m in love with my IPhone, I’ve been using iPhone’s for 7 years. 🤣🤣

  3. I like that look you have on.I am a Samsung kind of person as well always even the iphones i have used i am never at ease like with Samsung.i like the size of that phone it looks good.Yeah i don't think you should sell earphones to someone unless they are unused.

  4. Congratulations, good start. At some point u get a camera like u said. Am using Samsung galaxy s9 and is also very nice. I guess this one u got will be very good too. Me too, iphone is not for me. Lols Babe your editing is wow.

  5. I love my iPhone. Nothing is wrong with it. Don’t knock it until you try it ooooo that’s a cool phone though. Not sure if I would get that phone ooooo

  6. Great unboxing dear, i am a lover of Samsung Galaxy as well.. Lol. Oh no! with out Earphones.. Ow..well Congrats on your new fone it looks beautiful and the Pics are great 🎉

  7. Hey…when did this upload ooh😁…another thing we have in common sis..I've NEVER ever been into iphone.. doesn't interest me one bit🤷🏾‍♀️…this phone looks gooood!👌🏽.online storage space as a positive….great ,sharp pics,4k night shot is brilliant👌🏽…auto stabilizer is a plus…me and maths are not good friends either 🤣Google Pixel should be sponsoring you…you did a good job…❤

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