Google Pixel 3 now on Android 10!

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20 thoughts on “Google Pixel 3 now on Android 10!”

  1. Love the dark mode and the new gesture navigation. I’d stick with the 3 button nav before I’d use the 2 button, that’s the one that never set well with me. To each their own. The positive is that we have the choice. πŸ‘πŸ»

  2. If I have a full screen display I'll use gestures, a phone with chin and forehead, I'm using the buttons, gestures on a phone like that don't make sense, and I gestures on my 7pro cuz I like that clean look and screen space you get.

  3. I really like the new Gestures after getting used to it . basically took me a couple days i feel its really intuitive what had me a little confused was the missing back button when id be deep into an App or something but once i figured out the little side swipe gesture on the sides its really alot more intuitive i use the right side swipe Gesture to go back to previous page when im inside of an app the new full Gesture mode allows for one hand operation even on a bigger phone like Pixel 3xl …you just gotta give it a day or two you will get used to it & actually like it better ..

  4. Some people like the new Gesters because it is quicker access then going through the settings scrolling through but to me it's all about personal opinion if you like dark mode or the new Gesters or even Android 10 my neighbor got to update next door to me but he didn't install it cuz he doesn't like Android 10 some people just because they got the Android 10 OS update don't have to install it

  5. My Pixel 2 XL is also on 10 and it's awesome. I moved away from using Pixel and have been using iPhone XS Max for to some laggy performance on 2XL (MKBHD covered this too) but I guess that was just a temporary issue. Pixel phones are really smart

  6. J Wills I Thought the same thing the Camera on the Pixel 3a XL looks better the quality and I really like that it has dark mode now I switch back and fourth to dark mode if I choose to but Android 10 OS Update I really don't see any major update on Android 10 VS Android 9 pie except some minor things

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