Google Pixel 3 is a DEAL BREAKER – Skip this one!

The Google Pixel 3 is a DEAL BREAKER. Here’s why…


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37 thoughts on “Google Pixel 3 is a DEAL BREAKER – Skip this one!”

  1. 100% agree. Google know about all this and gave away free devices to tech youtubers to “buy” good reviews. The cat is out of the bag. I have a gen 1 pixel with heating issues and its been a total disappointment.

  2. Trying to figure what phone to get I currently have an iPhone 7 Plus I’m due for an upgrade to a new phone , I don’t know what iPhone I want tho . All of people are saying get the iPhone XR but the display is the only Con of the phone I wish they would’ve of put a 1080 resolution then I would probably most likely get the XR. The iPhone Max is probably the one that I want but the price is very expensive it would be a big upgrade from an iPhone 7 Plus . My iPhone stills works prefect I got the screen repaired last year so technically it does have a new screen because the speakers were broken and making the crackling sound so I had to get the whole screen replaced and fixed . Thank goodness the warranty was still good because I didn’t have to paid for it . If someone could give me a honest thought about what iPhone to get I would appreciate it very much .

  3. I don't understand what the fuck is google doing. They have been teasing us about the notchless pixel 3xl or pixel ultra for the last 10 months and then they release this piece of garbage. The fact that anybody has any respect for the pixel lineup at this point is beyond me. I can't believe I am saying this, but I would rather have an iPhone Xs Max than the pixel 3XL and this is coming from a hardcore samsung fan. I thought this would be the year google would impress us even if it wasn't the pixel ultra. Even with the design looking terrible I was expecting google to at least make the guts of the phone good. They didn't even do that. After the launch it just got worse and worse hearing all of these reports on all of these pixel 3 problems. I think at this point it would be a smart decision for google to kill off the pixel lineup because it just ain't working. I also don't think a recall for the pixel 3 would be too terrible of an idea. A big thing google could do instead of recalling the product would be to simply lower the price a few hundred dollars because phones like the OP6t have stock android and don't have these issues and have more features for a cheaper price. And for the people who have to suffer to this phone they paid $800+ for should get a couple hundred dollar refund or get a free case or something. I hope google gets their shit together next year and we don't need to see a horrible product like this ever again. I think google should tune it down on the leaks and just keep the lips zipped for the pixel 4 and have the customers judge whether it is good or not. I really hate how google has been advertising the pixel ultra the entire first half of the year and then they release a product this bad. Google is basically shooting themselves in the foot at this point.

  4. Android haters: FAT OLD MAN THINKS HE’S UNBOX THERAPY! SMH…the Android fanboys will praise a bigger YouTuber for saying what Zak is saying, but bash Zak because he’s not well known. It’s so stupid and childish.

  5. Headphone jack is dead. People need to move on. When ever I see people using headphone with wires, I instantly think "why?". So many great Bluetooth headphone out there from reputable brands. I completely agree with all these companies who don't include the headphones jack anymore. Infact I may possibly not buy a phone if it has a headphone jack.

    But the rest is fair enough. Google does need to fix these issues in the next pixel

  6. I lost all respect for the Pixel line with my Pixel 2 XL. Until Google regains that respect with CONSISTENT praises from people like you and Jason on a generation, I'm staying a mile away.

  7. Hey Zak Ed here, this video bums me out. I really was hoping that google would have knocked it out of the park with this phone. It’s unfortunate that they can’t seem to get some basics right. A head scratcher considering all the resources at their disposal. Well here’s hoping that the pixel 4 gets it right.

  8. Nailed it with the new series Zak! The irony of using Google search to look up "Pixel 3 problems" I was lol🤔🤣⚰ There are too many great phonea out there for the same price as the Pixel3 that there should be no reason other then brand loyalty to buy and use a Pixel3. Still yet to see a single person I know or in public using a Pixel3 device. #Zakpack

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