Google Pixel 2 Unboxing | iPhone to Google Pixel 2

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43 thoughts on “Google Pixel 2 Unboxing | iPhone to Google Pixel 2”

  1. You made it seem as though iPhones on Verizon are bad. We get everything unlimited, 3 iPhone 7 and an 8 for less than $200. All print readers are the same speed. Also, you don’t have to push home and as Siri, you can just say “hey Siri,” which is much more convenient than picking up yr phone and squeezing and saying Google whatever… Apple is not my favorite company, but I wouldn’t act like it was such a problem to use their products on Verizon. Lemme know how that button on the back side of the phone works out for ya 😂

  2. I’ve flip flopped between Android and Apple for a while now. Currently using an iPhone 8 Plus and am pretty happy with it. I’ve used other android phones (HTC and Samsung), but I’ve never had a good experience. Apple has been good to me so far, but a lot of my apps on my phone are google apps. So maybe in the future I will try out the Google Pixel.

  3. Small tech unboxing tip is to say "Ok G" or "Hey G" instead of "Ok Google." You somehow set a 2am alarm on my Google Home when I watched this video of my TV 😆 True story! BTW I'm a Pixel Phone user and love it!

  4. I just switched from the iPhone 6s to the iPhone X while I was in Hawaii. My 6s totally stopped charging while I was there.
    So now I don’t have the headphone jack & so far I don’t like that change!!!
    Flew home last night and couldn’t charge my phone and listen to music at the same time 🙄🙄
    Other than that the iPhone X is great.

  5. We switched from att to Verizon because of service issues then back to att because of Verizon’s price. We use a lot of HomeKit capable items in our home though so we need to stick with iPhone for now but this has definitely sparked some interest. And looking at the map projectfi is still just as spotty in the rural mountains of SouthEast KY as any other provider right now.

  6. We went to Google Fi about two months ago. Used it traveling from Tx to Nm, Az and Co. without a problem. Wish I could have got the Pixel 2 (Pixel 3 comes out next week) We got the Motorola X4 and happy with them.

  7. Good video, only (small) compliant is that you're comparing a 2018 phone to your iPhone 6, which was released in 2014. 4+ years of technology is a very, very long time…

  8. I actually switched this year from my iPhone 6 plus to a Samsung Galaxy s8 plus and I really enjoy the Android experience.
    I would say the best thing about the Google pixel over Samsung is you get Android updates instantly, so it's the same as when you get apple OS updates.

  9. You just woke up my google phone a few times through out this video! haha I love the Google Pixel 2, it has been incredibly handy since I purchased it back when it came out. Hope to here more of your experiences with Project Fi, as I too have been considering this option!

    Awesome vlog, have a happy Wednesday everyone!

  10. I'm a creature of habit for sure, so I'd have a hard time making the switch to a new phone platform, but I'll be watching to see how you like the new phones on your trip. Thanks! -Mike

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