google pixel 2 – ticking sound

14 thoughts on “google pixel 2 – ticking sound”

  1. Well, I just ordered my XL from Costco……. guess what?? 90 day costco return policy, so I have plenty of time to test and see if it meets my expectations, and if not back to the store.. no crappy 14 day VZ return policy.

    Oh and I also went to the VZ store yesterday to check the XL they had on the floor, and took plenty of grey/white pictures and set as wallpaper to test burn in, and their display model didn't have any burn in. I also tested on various different contrast percentages.

  2. This is what happens when you manufactur a "flagship" phone out of cheap materials and use LG's crappy displays (for the burn in) and it was probably a rushed device hence the problems it's been receiving I'll be glad to get my note 8 fuck this shitty Google crap.

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