Google Camera On Redmi Note 7 Vs Stock Camera App Comparison

Google Pixel 3 Camera App on the Redmi Note 7 Vs the stock Xiaomi App (GCam). With Google night sight on Redmi Note 7 test. See my full Note 7 review: vs Redmi Note 5 camera comparison:

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Working Google Pixel 3 camera port apk can be found on this page:…

31 thoughts on “Google Camera On Redmi Note 7 Vs Stock Camera App Comparison”

  1. I use the gcam on my mi mix 3 and I can say its a whole lot better. It has some bugs here and there, probably because its not originally made for none Google Smartphones ( I use one someone did for the mi mix 3 from the XDA site) the images are WAY More clear and have a higher Resolution. I especially like the night mode

  2. Thank you for the great updates and comparison of the note 7.

    The stock cam really isn't very good. The posterisation on the cat is terrible. It really sucks that they donwgraded the focus from the Note 5, I don't know whether I can live with such bad focus.

  3. Is the latest GCAM 6.2 better than the Pixel cam? The one from BSG? google : celsoazevedo

    Please do comparison and let us know your thoughts

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