GOLD iPhone XS Max!

It’s iPhone release weekend! I decided to upgrade my iPhone X to the iPhone Xs Max since I realized that I missed the larger display. After a failed launch date due to “logistical” issues, I finally have a 256GB Gold iPhone Xs Max in my hands and I’ll unbox it and take a quick look at some of it’s new features. Bonus unboxing of a taupe leather iPhone case from Apple. This phone is gorgeous… I think I say that a couple times in this video. Thanks for watching!

Music by Lakey…

10 thoughts on “GOLD iPhone XS Max!”

  1. I upgraded from the iPhone X as well and it's so worth it. I can't believe the impressive differences I'm in love with the XS Max and this screen this screen is amazing 😀great video thank you !

  2. I had the exact same email about the logistical issue. I was PISST and the workers at the store weren't helpful at all. I agree launch failure. Thanks for talking about it, nobody else on YT did. I'm still a little pissed off, hahah!

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