Gear S3 Spotify App

Please watch: “Samsung Galaxy Watch/Gear S3 Replacement Watch Strap 22mm Premium Silicone Watch Band Accessory”
Gear S3 Spotify App Is A Great And Convenient To Use This Is A Must Have App For Your Gear S3. Listening To Music On The Go.

10 thoughts on “Gear S3 Spotify App”

  1. Can I use this as a stand alone? If log in to my spotify account through the watch. Will I be able to play all downloaded music that is on my phone even if I'm offline?

  2. Hey mate. Do I have to use a bluetooth headphone or can I just use my Aux headphone and the Gear 3 function than like a controller? I don´t really want to switch to a bluetooth headphone..

  3. Hey my man! loved the video! If the next smartwatch Samsung releases ain't on Verizon soon after it's launched, I got this one in my back pocket. Already learning a lot about this watch!

  4. its actually good for when to use in a gym. I dont like to take my cellphone with me when I lift weight and with a bluetooth headphone; this just equal convenient and that just equal 300 dollar to save few minutes and those few minutes adds up to hourss over the year 🙂

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