Galaxy S9 Plus Exynos vs Snapdragon battery comparison

We compare the batteries on the Samsung Galaxy S9 Exynos 9810 and Snapdragon 845 variant in a series of tests. With the Exynos version being available in Europe while the Snapdragon version is what the US is getting, there have been transatlantic talks of mismatched performance and battery across the Twitterverse.

Check out this video to see the results and head over to TechRadar for more on the Galaxy S9 Plus.

50 thoughts on “Galaxy S9 Plus Exynos vs Snapdragon battery comparison”

  1. exynos is better and optimized to samsung and its battery life is not bad …..while snapdragon is optimized to other android
    phones …. samsung with snapdragon seems a weird combination

  2. I m using s9 plus EU or exynos model. Battery save mode on, dark theme, dark screensaver, hi resolution off, bixby off, brightness 30% and all other good stuff shut off. So im using a phone at lowest capacity possible. I get max 3 1/2 hours screen time. This chip is bullshit, even we pay more the price in te UK and EU, we always get trash. On my old iphone i m getting 7 hours of screen time and i never use a battery save mode.

  3. I'd take these results with a grain of salt considering they've only got a sample size of 1 for each processor variant. If we could get more phones tested and run at least 3 tests with each phone, I'd be more comfortable taking these tests to be truth.

  4. Samsung still should use only Exynos… Qualcomm needs a good competition and with only one processor, Samsung could optimize the Software better, just like they did on the S6…

  5. Most articles I have read today state the snapdragon outperforms the Exynos, S9+, in terms of battery by a large difference. I am unsure if this is just a tactic to let the phones have more tweaked software for the snapdragon first then Samsung refine the process for their own exynos later. If it's permanent that's quite annoying though… I don't want a USA Version of anything.

  6. Bright and crisp displays
    Brilliant camera
    Powerful processor
    But a mere 3500mah battery umm that's not upto the mark it should be i mean day by day, generation by generation everything is getting better and powerful but battries aren't getting that much improvement so to solve this companies should generally give big capacity battries like a 4000mah battery then i think battery life of flagships will improve

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