Galaxy S8 Rear Camera Selfie Feature- Take Selfies with Back Side Camera

This is a tutorial on how to enable and use the rear cam selfie mode on the Samsung Galaxy S8. Hope this was helpful. Thanks.

Galaxy S8 unlocked:

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45 thoughts on “Galaxy S8 Rear Camera Selfie Feature- Take Selfies with Back Side Camera”

  1. I have just bought a galaxy note 8 last week, I am still in the exploring more on how to use this new hardware. After reviewing you video presentation on the rear selfie feature of this note 8, I finally found that mine does not have a dual camera, I don't know what is the different. My Galaxy model is SM-N950F/DS with Android Version 7.1.1. Also I could not find it on new download from Samsung app. If you have any idea why, please do let me know. THANKS

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