Galaxy S8 Plus vs iPhone SE! – Gaming

Hi there, welcome to this Galaxy S8 Plus vs iPhone SE Gaming Comparison video. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is equipped with a 6.2 inch Super Amoled 2K screen, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 cpu, and 4GB of ram. The iPhone SE comes equipped with a 4 inch retina display, Apple A9 Chipset, and 2GB ram. In this video we run the latest smartphone from Samsung vs Apples 2016 Flagship smartphone with the intentions on helping you decide if you want to upgrade! Share your feedback, questions, video…

33 thoughts on “Galaxy S8 Plus vs iPhone SE! – Gaming”

  1. Samsung's Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus are two of the hottest phones around right now, but how do they game in terms of speed and performance in comparison to apples a9 devices? In this video we compare the S8 Plus to Apple iPhone SE to see which is the better gamer, share your thoughts, feedback below and enjoy!
    P.S Case Link in the description 🙂

  2. I think you've never played fortnite on iphone… if you want to play fortnite on mobile buy samsung only. When you're playing on SE OR 6S/6/7 your device becomes hot and game choppy. I'm serious don't buy Iphone

  3. who tf would buy a phone just because it opens apps faster… you know you can also make the animations faster in settings right… nobody's gonna race their friend to see if a game opens faster then have laggy ass gameplay

  4. I feel the only reason why the iPhone se beat the s8 when loading up the games is because the iPhone SE had less pixels to push on the gpu/cpu not sure what the difference between gpu and cpu is but you get what I mean

  5. Wow this is sad, galaxy s8 with a performance mode loses to a phone that’s like 2 years older and has less ram as well as being like a 5th of the price
    slow clap

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