Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus vs Note7 vs S7 Edge – Size Comparison

Are you wondering, how the galaxy S8 and GalaxySs8 plus will look like when standing next to the Samsung Galaxy note7 and galaxy S7 Edge? don’t worry we got you covered.

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24 thoughts on “Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus vs Note7 vs S7 Edge – Size Comparison”

  1. Bad news bears to those with an S7 EDGE and "upgrading" to the S8. Due to its aspect ratio the screen real-estate you can use for video and applications like games is limited. When using anything programmed or recorded for the 16:9 aspect ratio the screen for the S8 crops to a 5.2 inch screen and the screen on the S8+ crops to a 5.5 inch screen. So if your thinking all games and 3rd party apps will just work with the new aspect ratio then you are wrong, this takes time to be accepted by developers. AKA: Phones like this and the LG G6 are testing the market to see if it is a viable thing to sell. I had access to a pre-production model of the S8 for about 2 hours to put next to my S7 EDGE and all video is cropped and every game tested is cropped. Many other applications that should run based on the native resolution set by the OS but are poorly programmed default to the 16:9 aspect ratio(get cropped) and ignore the OS screen resolution and aspect ratio altogether, bad devs. So ask yourself what is the point in upgrading from a phone like the S7 EDGE that has a bigger battery than both the new S8 models, I'm sure that the S8+ will last just as long but the S8 simply wont. The S7 EDGE's screen will work with every app and video by default because it is natively 16:9. If you can get the upgrade to the S8+ for free then sure but its a waste of money if you got the S7 EDGE already or are moving down to the S8. What do you get with the new S8 Model if you "Upgrade" from a S7 EDGE? Much Less battery, you become a test bed for a new screen aspect ratio to see if the market will even take to it, only 5% – 8% CPU performance increase(Barely noticeable). The S8+ has 100mAh less battery but a slight improvement to battery draw due to the new 10nm chip so the day to day life of the S8+ will be on par with the S7 EDGE That's a hefty price for a phone that's not an upgrade. If you got an older phone then this thing might be worth it to you. But if you like to watch video's and play games on your device the S8 wont be enough and will feel small once the screen cropping starts. You'll get used to the OS and other apps being able to use the whole screen that when something is not it will bug you, especially if you got OCD. I had it for 3 hours and it bugged me. On a good note, the haptic feed back of the "home" button feels like the Iphone 7 and that's not a bad thing. Always On Display has a way to make it so the home button is always visible too. Simply put, if you got the S7 EDGE then the S8 is a downgrade and the S8+ is a lateral move that you can pay for if you want to "vote" for the new aspect ratio and gain 5% – 8% CPU performance.

  2. ya know, looking at theses phones side by side. All they did was make the screen taller but thinner on the sides. Basically changed the ratio. S7 kind of looks nicer. icons are bigger which all make me think the video content will look bigger as we. Damit, I was excited about the S8 but now I'm rethinking. I'm sure I can get the S7 edge for a almost free after the S8 comes out. Food 4 thought.

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  4. If that really is the s8+ maybe I can handle it. I'm happy with the S8 in vertical length but I don't like that the width is less than a note device. I want to keep my width so maybe I must go for the S8+

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