Galaxy S8 Active Vs LG G6 Camera Review 2018 | LOW LIGHT ONLY | Who Will Win ???

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Vs LG G6 Camera Comparison In LOW LIGHT 2018. The Battle of the low light cameras
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27 thoughts on “Galaxy S8 Active Vs LG G6 Camera Review 2018 | LOW LIGHT ONLY | Who Will Win ???”

  1. Looks like the G6 performs better with 30fs in 1080p than with 60fps. The S8 did better in some aspects but that focus issue is quite apparent. The G6 ha much better audio. Overall I don't think the S8 is worth $200 – $300 more for what you get.

    Thanks for the comparison video.

  2. The colors seemed more accurate on the g6 but the lighting on the S8 active was better. Front camera goes to the S8 active and audio goes to the g6.

  3. Greta video 📹 EZ. I love phone comparison videos regardless of the phone. Samsung needs to fix that issue with the 1080p 60fps. I bet you they don't fix it on the S9 and S9 Plus. The S8 series made too much money 💵 for them to take notice. (Ford GT)

  4. Yea that's your 3rd Galaxy and they ALL had the same problem with video in 1080p/60 fps. LG has better mics and I like the rest of the shots with the Galaxy

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