Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S8 Speed Test!

Galaxy vs Galaxy S8 Speed Test – In this video we take a look at the 3 year old Samsung Galaxy S5 vs the 3 month old Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. The intentions of this video is to help those out who are still rocking the Samsung Galaxy S5 to see the differences that they will be receiving if they decide to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus! Also this video was shot for fun and entertainment purposes. Please share your thoughts, feedback, and experiences below in the comment section of this…

25 thoughts on “Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S8 Speed Test!”

  1. Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Samsung Galaxy S8! Let’s see how far Samsung has come in the past 3 years in terms of performance on their latest flagship smartphone! Share your thoughts, feedback, experiences, suggestions, and enjoy the video 🙂

  2. I wish Samsung could go 3 yr software upgrade cycle I currently have a Galaxy S8 and S7 and both are running Android 8.0.0 Oreo it did be cool the S7 get 1 more software upgrade but I guess it going to stop at 8 0.0 Oreo the S8 should be Getting the 9.0 Pie update sometime this year not sure if it will get the Android 10.0 Q update next year .I know the S5 shipped with 4.4 Kitkat and upgraded up to 6.0.1 Marshmallow my brother used to have that phone back in 2015 it was a great phone at the time I got a Note 3 in 2016 sadly it didn't get updated past 4.4.2 Kitkat while my brothers old S5 was running 6.0.1 Marshmallow back in 2016-17

  3. The thing a didn’t like about the s5 is where the speaker is at and when you watch a video me hand all ways blocked the sound speaker which pissed me off especially when you put the fucker on a flat service

  4. It just shows how slow the apps got over time. With every update there are new features, which are buggy or wasting resources. Like the endless scrolling in the Amazon app. It gets slower and slower, the more you scroll down. Amazon, never heard of pages to avoid that?

  5. I still have my Galaxy S5 cord but not the phone that's sad I really wish I did have the phone but that's okay I'm happy with my iPhone x and Google pixel also

  6. Yeah but that doesn't matter to S5 user's I still think that S5 users would be happy with the Galaxy S5 some people keep the same phone for 10 years I wish I still had my Galaxy S5 it was a really good phone it was the only phone that was waterproof whereas in the new Samsung phones they're only water resistant they took the waterproofing away and just added water resistance that's a big downgrade if you think about it if you ask me I have an iPhone x right now but I still like Android I just don't like how they do Android on Samsung it just doesn't look good in my opinion I'm not saying Android as bad I'm just saying the way it looks I wish they did it a little bit better as all but it is what it is I guess

  7. This speed test is unfair. Look, we all know the S8 is gonna win but, for example, when opening twitter you spent a lot of time scrolling in the s5 while in the s8 you didn't even scroll. The same happened in more apps.

  8. Watching this video on galaxy s5 and I just bought the S8. It's gonna be here in two days. S5 was a solid phone and will be missed. It took two years for the battery to finally give out. Then I bought a new battery with more life and now that's giving out a year later. Plus the port is pretty much shot, I have to wrap the cord around the phone like 5 times for it to work. Battery dies fast so it's time. But it definitely was a great phone and did last me almost 4 years. Solid phone but can't wait to upgrade

  9. il be honest, i have a s5 now in 2018, mate has a note 8, yes its different, yes its a bit faster, the rear cam is a bit better. But, i dont boot 20 apps in a row in quick succession, going into the dev options on the s5 and dropping the animation scales to 0.5x speed vs 1x speed makes it feel much faster. Booting 1 app at a time im not going to cry over 2 mini seconds of time savings for apps like chrome and whatsapp etc. upgrade from s5 if you must have a better sleeker style, upgrade from the s5 IF you selfie a lot as the front cam sucks a little on the s5. thats it.

  10. I hate the s8, i use my strong modified s5 and I'm happy about it. I sold the S8 and use the s5. And this video is not a good speed test. Benchmarks, record fps in games and much more tests are needed. Or make it again with a strong modified s5.

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