Galaxy Note FE Revisit

The forgotten Note.

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Camera samples from the Note FE:

Camera Samples from the Note7:


My review of the Note7 back in 2016 for those who are interested. Links to some of the images are dead though. It’s just too troublesome to update them now….

15 thoughts on “Galaxy Note FE Revisit”

  1. If there was a chance, i would have bought this instead of the S9 just because its such a beautiful phone.
    I may be loosing in the camera and performance departments but im willing to trade that for the sheer uniqueness this thing gives.
    I have seen this phone live maybe once and thats it. Not even the stores had it.

  2. I was a galaxy note fe user before I change it to galaxy note 9 just a week ago. Watching your video brings back lots of memories using the phone (mostly the good ones). Thanks for the review. Your review covers essential information of the note fe, clearly informative. Thumbs up!

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