Galaxy Note 9 vs Galaxy Note 10 Plus!

Galaxy Note 9 vs Galaxy Note 10 Plus – Which Should You Buy? Hello all and welcome to this full video comparison between the 2018 Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and 2019 Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. The intentions of this video is to share with you my experience with both of these phones that can hopefully help you make an informed decision as to which is going to be the write phone for you. If you have either phone or have had both, please consider sharing your experience with the community. If you…

27 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 9 vs Galaxy Note 10 Plus!”

  1. I swear I knew the Note 9 was gonna be the last Samsung Phone with zero mistakes
    I've been switching from a Note to a Note and never felt fully satisfied as I did with the Note 9 and this is the first time a New Samsung Note doesn't make me feel excited as they used to… so I'm just gonna skip 2019 smartphones and see what technology in 2020 is havin for us
    And Nick … go check the Oppo reno ace
    It's a Chinese storm coming

  2. I had the Note 9 and the Note 10 is better in every way. Screen, camera, storage, fast storage, in screen fingerprint, faster charging, faster wireless charging, reverse charging, bigger better battery life. We can go all day, Note 10 + for the win.

  3. Definitely the Note 9 for me. I was all set up to get the Note 10 at Costco couple days ago, almost pulled the trigger, but randomly I asked the salesperson about that Note 9, and when she said there's a $400 rebate from Costco it was no brainier. I didn't want the Note 10 bad enough to pass on a $400 cash card?? Fastest I ever bought a phone. 0 regrets. Note 9 is awesome so far. Salesperson shoulda started the conversation off with that $400 offer tho.

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