Galaxy Note 10 Plus | FULL REVIEW

After using and testing the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus for a week and half I felt it was time to share my full review of the device. In this video I go into depth on all the important categories of a smartphone: design, display quality, battery life, camera (testing) and performance/software experience.

I determine that the Note 10+ is in fact an incredible value, worth $1100 or more in my humble opinion. It’s camera setup is likely the best on the market currently, the design is…

21 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 10 Plus | FULL REVIEW”

  1. Very nice review… can u pls share a small review of the usb c akg headphones that comes in the box..i am unable to find any bass…i am using samsung music app to enhance the bass ?

  2. "Phablet person"

    Weren't we calling 5.5-inch display smartphones "Phablets" a couple years ago, a good 3/4's of smartphones have 6-inch+ displays, technically wouldn't that mean just about everyone is a Phablet person now-a-days?

  3. 12 Gb rams help you to use more smoothly and little bit faster speed on android phone. I think note 10+ is little bit faster and smoother than regular note 10 ( 8 G Ram )

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