Face ID vs Touch ID – Why Face ID comes out on top!

AppleInsider compares Apple’s new Face ID biometric security system on iPhone X against its fingerprint-based Touch ID predecessor. Is Face ID more secure? Easier to use? Both? Watch to find out.

24 thoughts on “Face ID vs Touch ID – Why Face ID comes out on top!”

  1. It’s not that I don’t like an iPhone camera pointed at my face, it’s that Edward Snowden told us that the National Security Agency is spying on us, and taking data from apps that take our photos without our knowing. Honestly, do people think that Snapchat photos actually get deleted from the servers?

  2. 1:04 literally says sunglasses can block attention detection. Also, I have unlocked friends phones countless times by pointing it at their face. Much less secure than a fingerprint scanner which requires the owner to actually be holding their phone.

  3. Why wouldn't APPLE add Voice Authentication as a secondary way to unlock your new iPhone 11+? This way you can teach/learn your voice as it does for Face ID and Touch ID? I used it to develop for Fidelity as mentioned here: Thank you for enrolling in Fidelity MyVoiceSM on 02/13/2019 08:51:34 Eastern time. Every voice is unique, like a fingerprint, making Fidelity MyVoiceSM a very secure and simple form of authentication. The next time you call us, we will use your voice to confirm that it's you on the phone—no need to enter your password into the keypad!
    To learn more, please visit Netbenefits.Fidelity.com/MyVoice.
    If you did not authorize this change, please call us immediately at 800-835-XXXX.

  4. Listen…at the end of the day, physics is physics. If I can unlock my phone before I even pull it out of my POCKET, then no, it doesn’t matter how great the Face ID cameras and sensors get, it doesn’t matter how wide angled they get, Face ID will NEVER match the speed of Touch ID…like ever.

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