Face ID How it Works and How to Trick It!

It’s iPhone X day! We finally got our iPhone X, so Kelsea and Alex sat down to give us the inside scoop on everything Face ID. We walk you through all the components that make Face ID work, and tell you just how it turns your face into a passcode! We also talk about what it takes to fool Face ID and do our best to do just that.

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40 thoughts on “Face ID How it Works and How to Trick It!”

  1. This is still an amazing features of the iPhone X & each face is unique hence the expression paint a picture of my face ‘warts & all!’ It is so clever & I have got to work in the darkest of rooms!

  2. It didn't unlock with the mask because they had their finger on the mask. The fingers included in the depth map too. You should use a rope. Disappointed you didn't guess that.

  3. There is some sort of creepy subtext to this video what with the different face masks. Like I'm getting a glimpse into some sort of creepy fetish thing but thank goodness I'm too "square" to really know what those are. Kind of like watching Silence of the Lambs for the first time…

  4. How is Face id going to work in a year time when Apple slows down the processor to 50% of its original clock speed?
    Do we get a choice of full speed, Face id and blackouts when battery is down at 11% or slow phone, no face id and regular (almost) whole day battery life?
    I wonder…

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