Everything WRONG With The Redmi K20 Pro After A Month

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I have been using the redmi k20 pro for a month. I have had some odd questions about the redmi k20 pro but one question that continues to come up is people asking me to make a video about all of the bad//things wrong with the redmi k20 pro. In this video i nitpick over all of the negative aspects of this device.

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41 thoughts on “Everything WRONG With The Redmi K20 Pro After A Month”

  1. lol…. I have the K20pro with the Official China Rom in English and after 3 weeks of use, i found 0 bugs!!!! this guy is using the Xiaomi .EU rom with fully bugs in the first releases…. Guys!!! dont waste your time with this video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Poco F2 ??small front drop Notch, 32MP front camera, 48MP Sony IMX586 in the rear, Amoled screen, capacitor finger ID on back, 855 SoC, 2.1 UFS memory, expandable 512 GB, dual SIM, 3.5 Jack with Hi-Fi Audio WCD9375 chip (as in MI 9T) and ALL global antenas ! That'll be a GREAT Phone ! ??? And of course plastic build.

  3. At first I was hesitant to buy a xiaomi phone because of MIUI. A lot of people said the OS is bad, but never said why. After trying the A1, Pocophone and Mix 3, I partly agree. MIUI isn't exactly bad, but there are plenty of issues and with each patch Xiaomi spins the wheel of random bugs again and again. Yes, you could go for custom OS but IMO that is pretty bad. Buying a phone and then having to bother with flashing a different OS? No, thank you. Sucks to say but MIUI is keeping me away from Xiaomi. I gotta give them props for patching the Poco to finally being a good and usable device.

  4. OK!The haptic feedback can be improved with a custom rom and kernel!Pop Up camera is highly durable its supposed to work up to 7 years.Performance is amazing(the best).Battery is bad bcz of miui.Xiaomi is not coyping oneplus 7 pro because the sp 855 was first in mi 9,camera module is same with mi 9.Touch jitter could be a hardware issue,but also a bad coding!

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