Everyone is WRONG about Apple's iPhone 11 Event

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I know some people are doom and gloom cynical, and all pre-bored about the iPhone 11 and all, and I’ve already done a whole video about why I think they’re wrong and how the new camera features alone have me pretty excited. But, there’s another reason I’m kinda hyped as well.

Apple’s got a whole new Find My app shipping with iOS 13 and macOS Catalina. And,…

46 thoughts on “Everyone is WRONG about Apple's iPhone 11 Event”

  1. People have guessed wrong so many years in a row, when it comes to the Apple keynote events, the problem with these kind of videos that people make, is that they treat them as factual things that are going to happen, but predicting Apple events is not like predicting tomorrow’s weather, weather predictions have an entire science behind it, this has not, this is based on something someone said or wrote online, claiming to be a source of information, even though we can’t even be certain of these people are even telling the truth or guessed right about clues that they think that they found.

  2. If the Tag notifies your iPhone when you leave it somewhere you wouldn’t have to go back an look or depend on someone else’s iPhone to pick it up if the Tag works like stated if it isn’t on a white list you should be notified as soon as you get out of range

  3. I hope this is t the big unveil .. I’ll loose even more respect for Apple . Tiles have been put for years . What would impress me – USB-c on this new phone so I could just use one cable to charge all my devices .

  4. Tags sound really cool…but what’s the cost?? Tiles can be bought for about 30-40 dollars…I got money on the apple version being like double…if not more…guess that’s just the Apple tax for ya, huh??

  5. I used Trackr for a while, but they would constantly disconnect when they were in close range, had to swap the batteries too often (great replacement program, tho), 2 out of 4 just stop working, and the app would crash or otherwise fail to be working in the background. Not to mention keeping the app running in the background was a battery drain on the iPhone. If Apple has solved these problems, great. I’m personally going to wait and let others be the beta testers.

  6. The Tag will be every government's security section's dream to hack 😂

    As phone's push forward becoming just a tab of glass, what will matter more and more is the OS & the services. So Apple is in the right

  7. You are actually making this video saying the iPhone 11 event is all wrong based on rumors. You haven't seen the new phone or the Apple event. Not really sure how this is logical.

  8. “Apple Tags, a new innovation that has been around for years and because we put an Apple logo on it, now only $99 a piece. You need this, because your never gonna use it” – Apple

    Apple, we value privacy, but let Siri record the shit out of your environment.

    Apple, we have security in mind, TheFappening

    Apple, we have the best online storage, resells AWS, Azure and Google Drive space.

  9. would be nice if other iPhones automaticly detect tags and send location to the real owner. I would not mind if a bit of my data is being used for that…….oeps, 3:50…… they thought of that….?

  10. In other words, keep ur xs Max, this new phone is no different than the xs, xs Max. Wait til 2020, that will be an actual game changer, a solid upgrade. The air tags will be a great product to purchase, but the phone is identical to the xs, xs Max.👍🤣

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