ESR Mimc Temper Glass Case for iPhone 10S Max

This video is about ESR Mimc Temper Glass Case for iPhone 10S Max

ESR Mimc Case $18.99:

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Compatibility: Compatible with the 6.5″ iPhone Xs Max (Released in 2018).
[Keep the Original Beauty of Your iPhone]: Mimics the smooth glass back of the iPhone while offering great grip.
[Scratch-Resistant]: The 9H-Hard Tempered Glass back is tough enough to withstand…

7 thoughts on “ESR Mimc Temper Glass Case for iPhone 10S Max”

  1. Damn, I just got this for the S10. Now I'm hunting for a case with better protection lol. One drop and it's goodbye to that $900 phone. Seems this one has more corner and lip protection.

  2. This case was too heavy due to the tempered glass back. Not worth it, and better to go with a Spigen Ultra Hybrid case that has a clear plastic back which is lighter than the tempered glass. And this case has no lip protection.

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