EPIC Camera Comparison! iPhone XR vs Pixel 3 vs OnePlus 6T vs Mate 20 Pro vs Razer Phone 2 vs Note 9

In this video I compare the cameras on the Apple iPhone XR, OnePlus 6T Google Pixel 3, Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Razer Phone 2 and Samsung Galaxy Note 9.


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45 thoughts on “EPIC Camera Comparison! iPhone XR vs Pixel 3 vs OnePlus 6T vs Mate 20 Pro vs Razer Phone 2 vs Note 9”

  1. Zak absolutely loved and have to say work with what you have and you did exactly that.Incredible music as well but I love all genres.Nice work and truly showed Deb.😉👍✌👊

  2. Okay so I really wanted to watch the video a few times to get a really good idea of my perception on the camera comparison. Actually have to say the scenarios and objects/colors Zak chose to take the photos of really was able to guage the micro differences in each phones camera. The most obvious is we have to accept that todays cell phones are fully capable of taking great photos. Now video recording is another topic of discussion. As for the camera comparison this is what I took out of Zak's video.

    The first photo was easily better on the Mate 20 Pro & the Google Pixel3 with both devices on night modes.
    The second photo it was about even again with the Mate 20 Pro & Google Pixel3 both providing a well detailed and crisp shot with night modes. The other devices took good photos as well but I clearly can see the advantage of a "night mode" feature. This is a photo that the OnePlus 6T camera definitely took advantage of producing a better quality photo with night scape on.

    The third photo in the daytime now I found it interesting that both the Razor 2 and 6T took a better photo then the Mate 20 Pro. As well as X[R].
    The last rear camera photo was interesting to examine but again all cameras did a great job but the Pixel3 photo looks abit darker then the rest and the X[R] camera produced great colors. The selfie camera to me is the least important. I don't take many selfies. I do however prefer a wide angle selfie lens but after that if the front camera can take a decent photo that is all that matters to me. Well that's about it for me in the comment section. #Zakpack

  3. Pixel 3/Mate Pro…it's a close one. Definitely the selfie game goes to the Pixel though. I'm very happy that one plus phones take stellar photos now as I'll be aiming for the one plus 7 next year .

  4. Great vid Zak, I know how long these camera comparisons take so well done. A lot to be said but a quick couple take aways, I think the Huawei Mate 20 Pro beats out the Pixel 3XL overall, that night sight on the Pixel though is ridiculous, the Ai processing is mind boggling. The iPhone Xr, for all the grief it’s received, takes some pretty darn good pics. Razer has a long way to go.

  5. Samsung needs to correct over exposure. Amazed by Oneplus Night scape. The iPhone Xr takes great point and shoots . But for me The mate 20 pro and Pixel 3 take the Cake. I would give advantage to Mate 20 pro because of added functionality of Zoom and Raw 40 MP image capture

  6. Interesting to see those shots. Have to say that the nights shots in particular across the board were all pretty much potato cam shots. so interesting how all the cameras looked to have interpreted the scene's exposure somewhat differently, same with the colour profiles. No clear winner, but I think a clear loser in the One Plus 6T.

  7. iPhone definitely won for me. Just the aspect of taking pictures and them showing up on all my devices is a great perk for me. I also love sharing my works of art with my friends using airdrop.

  8. Hands down, Pixel 3 took the best portrait shot, nighttime shot, and auto setting shot; but the Mate 20, 6T, and XR we’re right behind the Pixel 3 respectively. That Razer phone got a ways to go

  9. I am amazed with Pixel 3 Night Sight, Mate 20 Pro is amazing too. I am Pixel fan thought Pixel 3 is disappointment but it is one of the best over all Camera. One plus 6T looks good too specially considering the Price.

  10. That Mate 20 Pro is stupid good in all situations. After that I'd go with the Pixel 3. If the Pixel 3 has Leica lenses, I'd pick that. Too bad the Pixel has to many issues. 😞

    Side note, I like that the comparison didn't have voice over to influence judgement. Just point, shoot, and let the audience have their preferences. Great video Zak!

  11. #Zakpack how do you fit 6 phones in your pocket? Lol I think they all did pretty good. Xr with the portraits, pixel did good at night with the night mode. But it’s hard to decide a winner. The 6t did good at night as well.

  12. Honestly I was more impressed with the razor phone to without any kind of help whatsoever from nightsight, nightscape or any other time if night something… it was all natural and it did a very good job wow!👊✌️ Great Video

  13. Great video Zak, front camera goes to the pixel, iPhone second, my personal favorite rear camera is the note, but I think the night shots are close between the pixel and the mate, Oneplus is a lot better than I expected, I don't think there's a winner here seeing that they all have there advantages and disadvantages but I really thought the Razer phone would have been a lot better, for a $800 phone I think it should have really good cameras, I know it's a gaming phone but for that price everything should be grade A, I like these kind of camera comparison videos, Zak man u doing a awesome job with this YouTube thing man keep up the good work and I'll see u on the next one…..#ZAKpack

  14. #ZAKpack
    WoW, so many different phones!
    Now the pictures!
    Very Cool🤗🤗🤗
    Very different light & evening shots on all you're phones.
    I really liked the Huawei Mate 20 Pro & OnePlus 6T, only because of the Night Shot display.
    Although Razor, iPhone XR & Pixel 3XL did great on daytime shots.
    Samsung Note 9, not so great.

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