Don't get the Samsung One UI update BEFORE you see this!

BEFORE you update your Samsung One UI, don’t get it until you see this! There are several annoyances you need to know before you update your Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy Note 9.

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If you were on the One UI Beta you are familiar…

25 thoughts on “Don't get the Samsung One UI update BEFORE you see this!”

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  2. Plus. I did update I bough(again.i hate the update) the phone. And I must say I'm in love with they way phone came in. I think maybe Google bought them out too much. Master video is not even available. But Google own now. ….mmmmmnope…..yes in now there Google. But there independent as well.

  3. One UI made me not even want my Note 8 anymore. I was able to downgrade
    from One UI back to Oreo. Had it not been for that, I would have purchased
    a new device and it would not have been SAMSUNG!!!!

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