Do you really need privacy? 3M Privacy Screen Protector Review – iPhone 6

Only get this if you need the privacy, otherwise, stay away from it. So frustrating to use…

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The most unique feature of this screen protector is the fact that people can’t see your screen. As a screen protector, its not great as its pretty bad with fingerprints and will show wear and tear a little quicker than a glass screen protector. I personally found it incredibly annoying to use this screen protector which I will elaborate in a…

35 thoughts on “Do you really need privacy? 3M Privacy Screen Protector Review – iPhone 6”

  1. I have a cheap privacy screen protector I bought for like $5; the only complaint is that the cutout for the front camera is raised a bit so dust and dirt gets trapped under it affecting my camera quality. Other than that it works as advertised.

  2. Thank you so much for this video!! It helped me decide on a privacy protector vs. a regular protector. I was thinking of getting an 'anti-spy' just because I could lol but your video made a few great points I hadn't thought of such as…when you rock your phone while using it, it will cause you to not be able to see. That sounds soooo annoying and is ultimately why I'm NOT going to get a privacy screen protector! It also looks as though it 'dims' your screen a bit even when looking straight at it and I prefer full brightness!!! The only difference is I was not looking at getting this exact 3m brand, I was looking at a 'tempered glass anti spy protector'. I currently use a clear tempered glass protector and love it vs. Non-glass protectors especially since I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 and its made out of glass on both sides!! (stupid design)The glass definitely holds up better than non glass. Anyway, I've rambled on long enough and I'm sure nobody will read this lol THANK YOU for making & posting this review, you helped me!!!! 😊

  3. I hate these, i have one for the last 4 months and its time to switch to a regular protector. It's so annoying when you're walking outside and can't see anything these are only good for night time.

  4. Bought this today, immediately regret that decision. It's wayyy too thick and the 'privacy' looks like it works better on camera than it actually does. If someone was properly trying to see what you're looking at they'll be able to make it out. Lucky I bought a proper Belkin screen protector at the same time just in case this one did indeed suck. Keep trying 3M.

  5. I recommend a Anker Glassguard+ Privacy Screen, not only does it have Lifetime Warranty. It is also $10, and will cover up any crack that is not directly on the LCD screen (part that shows the actual display). I have a corner on the side of my phone, and with the privacy screen the crack is covered. The front and bottom part of the screen is whited out. It makes the phone look brand new! Its also crack and smudge proof. This may sound like a paid spam or something like that, but I have OCD and just got the screen and I am so relieved I didn't have to replace my screen without my OCD bothering men

  6. Great review. As some who travels often this is perfect for me. I'm less concerned about the screen protection and more concerned about noisy people sitting next to me on a long haul flight (especially given the fact that many airlines offer WiFi globally, enabling me to check emails etc in the air)

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  8. Hey Aaron I've been thinking about buying the tech 21 patriot for my iPhone 6,is it worth 59.99 and does it protect the phone,the thing that goes over the home button does it damage the phone?

  9. I live in Tokyo. I use this because people are constantly trying to read everything and anything I do on the trains. Update facebook, check out LINE, answer some E-mails… people aren't very subtle. So I got this just so people would stop trying to pry.

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