DO NOT BUY iPhone 11 Pro Until You Watch This!

So after having the iPhone 11 Pro Max for a couple weeks I decided to switch back to the iPhone XS Max in 2019 after the honeymoon phase was over and here are my thoughts 1 Year Later. Is it worth buying the iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max or not? Or should you keep your iPhone XS Max or iPhone 8?
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I’m RETURNING the iPhone 11 Pro RIGHT NOW! –


8 thoughts on “DO NOT BUY iPhone 11 Pro Until You Watch This!”

  1. What up SQUAD! So the honeymoon phase of 11 pro max is gone and like I said in my other video I kept my word and returned back to my iPhone XS Max…do y'all think I made the right move? Let me know if you agree with what I mentioned in today's video! Let me know!

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