Cydia Tweak: Heads Up Display Mode – Mirror your iPhone's screen

Description: Turn your iPhone into a heads up display (HUD) for your car’s windshield. Works on iOS 8.2, 8.1.2, 8.1.1, 8.1, PP & Taig Jailbreak.

~Gear I use~
Camera I use:
New favorite lens for it:
Other great lens:
^But you need this adapter:
BEST affordable lens:…

27 thoughts on “Cydia Tweak: Heads Up Display Mode – Mirror your iPhone's screen”

  1. If you apply an ipad mini mirrorized screen protector to the inside of the windshield it removes the ghosting and amplifies brightness – such that it would even work daytime

  2. Awsome just what i was looking for. Its a cool gadget feature and it removes my ugly sat nav witch is anoying and alway in my way , I need this feature on my ipad air 2 can you help? my ipad is not jail broken do i need to do this also

  3. There's some apps that do this with a speedometer and such, only problem is the tempered glass on cars makes it look like a double image, kinda deal breaker for me.

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