CNET How To – Send YouTube videos to Xbox from iPhone

A recent update to Google’s YouTube app for iOS allows you to send videos from the app to compatible devices such as an Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or any number of smart TVs. In this example, Donald Bell shows you how to set up this connection between an iPhone 5 and an Xbox 360.

33 thoughts on “CNET How To – Send YouTube videos to Xbox from iPhone”

  1. yeah but like he said you don't have to be on the same wifi so its more convenient, also you don't need an extra box if you already have a smart TV. Most new TV's are actually already smart TV's.

  2. Not sure if it works with YouTube videos, but the new BlackBerry Z10 just sends videos & music to your Xbox, Smart TV's, etc. (pretty much any device with WiFi) with the tap of the screen through WiFi. No complicated code entering, and opening apps on multiple devices needed. The feature is called "Play On," which was featured on CrackBerry's Channel.

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