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Google Camera On Redmi Note 7 Vs Stock Camera App Comparison

Google Pixel 3 Camera App on the Redmi Note 7 Vs the stock Xiaomi App (GCam). With Google night sight on Redmi Note 7 test. See my full Note 7 review: vs Redmi Note 5 camera comparison: Where to buy: 10 euro off coupon: TECHDEALRN7 Working Google Pixel 3 camera port apk can be found […]

Is The Google Pixel 3A Better Than The Pixel 3? – What The Tech Ep. 441

Paul discusses his review of the Google Pixel 3A. Does the Pixel 3A solve the problems Paul has with the Pixel 3 XL? Microsoft partners with Sony to explore future cloud gaming solutions. Does Microsoft’s partnership with Sony make sense? And Andrew and Paul discuss Game Of Thrones. What did Paul think of the series […]

Google Pixel 3a – CINEMATIC 4K video

All footage captured on Google Pixel 3a. 4K 30fps with the native camera app. We also used the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 gimbal for added stabilization. Some color correction was done in post. The Google Pixel 3a might cost just $400, but it has a camera that matches that on $1,000 flagship phones. But how […]