Camera comparison: iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy Note 9, Pixel 2 XL

We compared the cameras on two of the best phones you can get right now: the iPhone XS Max and the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. And we also brought the Pixel 2 XL along for the race. Here are the results!


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20 thoughts on “Camera comparison: iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy Note 9, Pixel 2 XL”

  1. I personally never trust Phone Arena's comparisons against iPhone. There's been always some 'magic' going on, making iPhone look better.
    But, but maybe is just me?

  2. I hate this idiot arena
    They put a 2 xl with a defective camera and try to show iphone is better
    + did you think why they didn't do the test with a pixel 3 xl ?
    They must have searched everywhere but couldn't manage to find one with a defective camera :)))))))
    Sell your soul to apple

  3. Totally biased ,how much apple paid ,there is no way u can regret this allegations.Trying to fool camera enthusiasts.literally iphone xs became worse as they try to follow Samsung patterns such as over expose images, image softening etc.and one more thing what in necessity of adding a year old device into the list while pixel 3 is out so this clearly shows you guys trying to cheat and finally points …..are u serious who need this ,just look at your comment section ,which shows what u deserve.

  4. So sad for the pixel and note for having the best camera. What a joke anyways. iPhone is the best most consistent shooter. Better HDR, better video. Samsung tends to go for the highlights and apply it to the whole picture. Sometimes it looks flat. Pixel just bumps up saturation to make it look sharp. iPhone is clearly the winner. Sorry pixel and note fans.

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