*BRAND NEW* JULY 2019 IPHONE XR GIVEAWAY! (Win Your Free Iphone XR Today)

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38 thoughts on “*BRAND NEW* JULY 2019 IPHONE XR GIVEAWAY! (Win Your Free Iphone XR Today)”

  1. Done Everything. I Need The IPhone Because Schools Coming Up And I Been Searching For A Giveaway Since Summer Started Because I Need A Device To Complete My Assignments & Currently Money Over Here Ain't Falling From Trees. I Would Be So Grateful If I Won.

  2. I did all the steps can I plz get the gold or white iPhone XR I really want to get my cousin this iPhone so she can get away from her 5 year old android you can contact me on my ig LILCHICKENNUG7

  3. Please I need a iPhone XR my phone is not working at all and I need an need a phone I had this phone months plz and I subscribed and hit the bell and liked your videos so can I get please a shoutout and I don’t care what color iPhone I just want a iPhone but I would like a coral iPhone XR and l loveeeeeee your videos and I am I’m am not lying

  4. I did everything I'm so grateful for you and I really hope I can WIN. I don't have a phone it would be a blessing if I could. The phones come unlocked right? I'll take any color except black and coral. Thank you so much for doing this!!!

  5. I would love an iPhone i haven't had one at all and iv been wanting one for years and Im so obsessed bc of how they modified and made the camera quality over the top OUT OF THIS PLANET and the 3d touch and fast directing is AMAZING people say "how do u know what type of iPhone I have" an that makes me really upset bc if u don't know what iphones right for you and how 2 work all the feature u probly shouldn't have 1 I love iphones and I really will be appreciative of the iPhone x.

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