Blu Vivo XL3 – Android 8.0 Oreo -3GB/32GB – USA LTE – 13MP/8MP – 5.5" 18:9!

Please subscribe for more! Got this smartphone from here: This phone provides the essentials for a very affordable price and with LTE support in the USA. Although the specs seem to be on the low end, the phone is very well optimized with very little lags. This phone is the first from BLU to be shipped with Android Oreo 8.0.0!

-5.5” HD+ 18:9 widescreen curved Corning Gorilla Glass display
-13MP Main Camera with LED flash + 13MP front Camera with LED Flash…

24 thoughts on “Blu Vivo XL3 – Android 8.0 Oreo -3GB/32GB – USA LTE – 13MP/8MP – 5.5" 18:9!”

  1. Calling BS on this.
    There are still many manufacturers that use micro USB ports on new phones.
    This reviewer is biased in some way.
    Any review that points out a micro USB port on a device that is as inexpensive as this phone is, biased toward another manufacturer, and is not giving a honest review of this or any other device that is not their honey brand.
    Keep in mind, this is a 130.00 dollar device. So yes they are going to use older hardware as much as possible to keep price down but they are offsetting that with Android O. Which keeps functionality current even with the older hardware. He also mentions that it does not have rapid charging, which may be true, but it charges very quickly without it so who friggen cares.
    If I could give this review a less than 1 star I would. He is wanting things out of a 130.00 device that you might find on a 300+ dollar phone or even a flagship phone which is 600+ dollars.
    I own this phone, I own lots of BLU phones and though this phone has lower hardware specs it actually works very well. In fact better than some of their other higher end devices.
    Sorry, every time this puts lists his negative points my brain wants to explode.
    He, like so many others wants to compare these less than two hundred dollar devices to near flagship quality phones.
    Another thing that buggers me about these people is that they have no knowledge of BLU or their customer base.
    Many of the things this twit is counting as a negative because they are not on the phone, BLU intentionally does not have on their phones.
    BLU focuses on keeping their prices low. How do you do that?
    Well one way is to not put stuff on your phones that your target customers aren’t going to use.
    BLU not being stupid, asks their customers about things like wireless charging or near field, etc. and the majority of their customers said they would not be interested in them if it was going to increase the cost of the phone, or that they never used those things and did. Not want to pay for them.
    So……if you want all the fancy crap that makes your phone cost 600 to 800 dollars. Buy Samsung, LG, Motorola or another.
    If you want a phone that will do want you need it to do and not bankrupt you. Buy a BLU or another brand, possibly NUU. That focuses on real world needs at real world prices.

  2. I was a devoted BLU user beginning with the Blu Studio 5s then the next version of the studio, then the vivo air, then the Vivi xl. I stopped using BLU because 1. Lack of updates 2. Can't root 3. Specs never get better. BLU….it's 2018. Your phones can be better. I'm using the honor 7x currently. 179 – dual cameras, ai, treble enabled, Android o, face unlock, fingerprint scanner, an actual mid range processor etc. Etc… sucks because I liked Blu but you guys are maintaining the status quo instead of giving your customers the quality, specs and software that is up to date.

  3. I don't understand why every phone reviewer gets so upset about micro USB chargers. You all say, "oh, it's 2018 and they're so outdated" but soooo many phones still use micro USB instead of USB-C, and as long as the phone comes with fast charging I could honestly care less about the charger. Besides, it's a budget home so just be happy smh

  4. Just got this delivered today, thinking of making it a gift to my sister.
    It is a fine phone for 130.00
    1.3ghz quad core with 3gb ram. It runs very smooth.
    And for only having a 3000mah battery in it it seems to have a pretty good battery life.
    When I get a new phone I spend about 1.5 to 2 hours setting it up. Time of course depends on how fast the phone is, and I have found that over the last couple years. Most all the phones I have purchased from BLU in the 100.00 to 150.00 dollar range have been better build and faster operation. Even though they may have the same amount or near the same amount of ram and processor speed. Best guess is that the increasing lack of bloat ware helps but the OS is better optimized to the hardware.
    The phone is no race horse. But is a great phone for the average person.
    The AP would find this device to be smooth and stable right out of the box. I’ll give it more time to see how it’s working in a few weeks or months. But this looks like a phone that will impress most people.
    If you are a power user, you play resource intensive games or like to have thirty or forty apps open at any given time, this is probably not the phone for you.
    The screen is bright and clearly viewable from most angles, it is loud enough to watch YouTube out side with all the cars and air conditioning running and I can still hear the phone clearly from normal viewing distance, for me that’s about, 2 feet.
    BLU phones never did come with a lot of bloat ware, but they did have a problem with some of their devices having what some would consider tracking software or spyware. BLU doesn’t have this problem that I know of on their phones running Android 7, I have a couple and neither have any on them that I can find. This is my first device with Oreo on it and it is also clean. I have a few phones with Android 6 on them and those are hit or miss on the spyware. Fortunately I don’t keep any (and I mean none) important info on my phone. No credit card, insurance, medical, banking, nothing. Bluetooth is turned off unless I’m using it. Basically I keep all the doors closed as much as possible.
    That I can see, about any BLU phone running Android 7 or 8 is clean, and has less bloat ware than Samsung, or any of the other big brands will torture you with.
    Also, one last thing on BLU, many people harp on the subject of BLU and cdma, or the lack of it.
    BLU now has at least one phone, possibly more, but one for sure that is cdma Sprint capable.
    Verizon does not play nice with anyone other than Verizon, so we may never see a cdma phone from BLU with the Verizon bands in it.
    But for now. BLU is continuing to step up the quality of their rebrands, because yes, that’s what 99% of them are. They may have a few that are made specifically for them that aren’t rebrands. But who cares, we get good devices at very good prices. I paid 130.00 for the silver one from Amazon. I think it was a good deal.

  5. I've been saying that for a while you can use your hand to bounce the sound back at you but what I think they should really do is put the speakers on the sides of the phone not the top and bottom

  6. Just a FYI, nearly every BLU phone released in the last two years, even the R1-hd has 4g/lte.
    About the micro USB port. BLU is a mixed bag on micro usb or USBC but to say no one else uses micro usb anymore is just plain false. There are still loads of manufacturers that still use micro usb.
    If a manufacturer has millions of the micro USB ports left in stock, they will push those to market products as much as possible before they trash them.
    And to be honest, there is nothing wrong with the MUSB port. It is on millions of devices around the world.
    There are NO Blu devices with NFC so you can kiss that idea good by. USBC, is not a big deal, its not on all phones made by all manufacturers so it not being on this Blu phone means nothing. And wireless charging. You would think in this day and age that all phones would come with wireless charging. But the truth is that there are still very few phones with wireless charging. And I have never seen any blu phones with it.
    What YOU need to know about Blu is that they try to produce a quality product at a low price that the mass market can use and be happy with. The mass market doesn’t care about micro usb or usbc, they care can they plug it in and charge it. They don’t care about wireless because of all the phones manufactured world round, there are still less than 4% of the models made that have wireless charging.
    NFC, again the mass market doesn’t care about that. Blu know this because they polled their customer base and asked them. Would you rather have nfc and pay a bit more or not have it and pay less, or do you even use it.
    What they found out was that an overwhelming majority of their customers never use nfc or know what nfc is, and an even larger number didn’t didn’t want to pay more for their phone because it had something on it they were never going to use.
    I own two phones with nfc and have never used it on either one. And never plan to use it. To me nfc is a personal identity weak link. It is a way that others can steal your information off your phone, just like Bluetooth. I keep all that stuff locked down on all devices unless I’m using it and then it gets turned back off.
    People have banking info, credit card info, insurance, identity, everything on their phones these days. It’s dangerous, and people need to be smarter.
    I know people who have nothing, but have all their personal info on their phone. One person in particular has had to get a new SSN because his phone was stolen and he had his life on his phone.
    It was a nightmare for him and his friends, the person who stole his phone then began harassing the people in his phone book and many of us had to get new numbers because the police were unwilling to go after the thief.

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