Bixby Voice First Look on Galaxy S8!

Bixby Voice is the flagship software feature of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, except it didn’t launch with the phones. It’s almost ready, though, and we took it for a first spin today thanks to the Bixby Early Access Program. We even toss in some Bixby tips and tricks for those looking for more.

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45 thoughts on “Bixby Voice First Look on Galaxy S8!”

  1. Me: "Deactivate Bixby"
    Bixby: "Dammn boy y'all best be addressin me as Lord BIXBY befo I remap every action on yo phone to play Justin Bieber.. Bixby buton fo life fool"

  2. I got the Bixby update… then found out something really cool. How to disable the most annoying and pointless bloatware ever. Samsung – listen up – I personally do not appreciate paying a premium for an app that is already available-and much better. Spend the R&D budget on something different please and needed- like your market research tells you. Ps…before the handbags come out – I have tried to make Bixby useful and I find moving my finger easier and less frustrating

  3. Although it would be cool if they were one assistant it's good that Samsung hasn't done the same as other companies and used their assistant just to provide information from the internet and statistics they actually let you control your device because they know that you have access to google assistant for information so they've taken a different approach and that is what I like.

  4. It may seem useless at first, but all the voice commands for things like scrolling and hitting the back button can actually be really useful in some cases where you need to use your phone but you can't touch it because your hands are dirty. I'll use them for when I'm baking. It'll be such a big help.

  5. I think it's because its beta but Bixby seems a bit slow but i hope that it will be faster
    I mean its slow on the fastest smartphone ^^'

  6. Pretty sure the step by step thing is not done on purpose, all bixby is doing is converting what you tell it to do into input instructions that can interact with the phone's UI and within Apps. Like when you asked it to open Instagram and search for New York, It can't open the app from nothing (apps and UI menus have to load from storage to ram and display it onscreen) and immediately have the search results for New York show up instagram (Bixby opens Instagram which then loads, then the search page loads then Bixby enters the search and virtually taps the search button) it automatically does what you would normally do with your finger, hence the step by step.

    For to immediately fire up into a page of an app, the app itself would have to have a trigger built in, and be compatible, hence why google assistant when asked to play thumbs up playlist in G music fires straight into the thumbs up playlist because thats built into the app and google assistant. By doing the step by step thing, (by looking at the inputs and buttons on the screen,) it can interact with almost any app, not needing the app itself to have a built in command trigger to do a specific thing, thus allowing it to do a lot more things that would not be possible without those built in trigger commands which would be time consuming and costly to implement every possible interaction with an app with instant triggers.

  7. what about you teach it a command and you save it as for example "command A"… for example you say "night mode" where is turn off volume and set the alarm and turn on airplane mode

  8. i have the bixby feature and the new icon of the bixby page but whenever i click the button on my phone or say "hi bixby" the phone takes me to the home screen, and i made sure bixby was enabled but it still doesn't work

  9. i tried it out and it's not as accurate as google assistance and most of the time i have to say multiple times "hey bixby" for it to come on. when exactly the full version will come out?

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