Best Samsung Note 8 Back Glass Repair/Replacement Guide uncut start to finish

40 thoughts on “Best Samsung Note 8 Back Glass Repair/Replacement Guide uncut start to finish”

  1. Thanks for this video. I made it the same way. Its easier when you start. Remember to protect your hands or be really careful with popping glass. I hurt myself by small piece of glass.

  2. Hello! My note 8 was dropped , and was broken a little portion of upper right side, Because I bought this device on USA, in the country that I live (Mexico) the cant repair the device, my question is : the cellphone can conserve IP68 certification with a little portion broken of the back glass? I hope that you can answer me. Greetings!!

  3. I have 2 note 8 phone one has the screen of death they call it cant fix it and my other phone the back is cracked .. i was wondering if i can switch the backs without the glass breaking on the good one

  4. Note 8 totally waterproof , I lost my lg k7 while getting on my wave runner at dock took two days to fined mine so under water two plus days well pulled up Note 8, battery broke back glass because battery swelled up took apart let it sit two days no rice ordered battery the dam thing works unreal best dam phone ever!!!!!! PS Thank you for video.

  5. Thank you for uploading and sharing in order to help others. How gracious. I found that video most useful. I will try your method once my spare glass arrives.
    This note 8 I have has slipped to the floor more times than had all my other mobiles put together. Today, however the back glass cracked. Thankfully out was the back.

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