Best Portable SSD: Sandisk Extreme Portable vs. Samsung T5

Sandisk Extreme Portable (Affiliate Link) –
Samsung T5 (Affiliate Link) –

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23 thoughts on “Best Portable SSD: Sandisk Extreme Portable vs. Samsung T5”

  1. Sir i need your help i bought sandisk extreme external ssd 1 day before 1tb from amazon..and connect it with my laptop thunder port c and maximum transfer speed show 60mb per second..why its slow..when i use magic disk speed check it show read and write around 420 mb per second..what i do

  2. Nice video but there is quite a big mistake in it.

    Countrary to what Joshua said both external SSD doesn't share the exact same connection specs. While both SSD use a type C connection the Samsung T5 is 'limited' to USB 3.0 while the SanDisk SSD uses USB 3.1 (gen 2) which means that the SanDisk SSD can go up to a transfer speed of 10Gbps compared to the 5Gbps transfer speed of any 3.0 USB external SSD.

  3. Thank you so much for this. I only found maybe two other reviews for these side by side and this helped me make a decision to replace my 1tb hard drive that's possibly failing. I needed something I wouldn't have to replace in the next year or two as most hardrives i get seem to last so it's time to step up to an ssd especially since these two models are so much more affordable than previous ones i found last year. Thanks again.

  4. Hi, I tested the 500gb version and it gets quite warm, even when ejected on my MacBook.
    My power meter says it is consuming around 1.5w when idle or even ejected. In idle it is heating… Nice for winter but bad for my laptop battery…

    Can you check on your drive?

    Thank you

  5. That dongle for USB-A is a risky one. Because it is not USB-IF certified. It can be connected only in one way. If you reverse the USB-C part, it wouldn't work or may cause some issues.

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