Best Laptop Under $300 for 2020 – Samsung Chromebook 4+ Review

Unboxing and Review of the Samsung Chromebook 4+
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My Unboxing and Review video of the BEST budget laptop you can buy under $300 for 2020 – The Samsung Chromebook 4+ ! No matter if you’re a…

41 thoughts on “Best Laptop Under $300 for 2020 – Samsung Chromebook 4+ Review”

  1. After comparing it to the Macbook I didn't know how much of a good screen the Macbook have. I have the Samsung chromebook 3, no regrets besides the lack of quality of the screen.

  2. Great to have you back man – hope everything's been going well.
    Been around since nearly the beginning (Back to the Dell XPS 730x – those videos pretty much made me get one, I loved the look of the case, but it was massive…)
    Hope to see many more videos soon 🙂

  3. This laptop peaked my interest until I heard about the TN panel and bad audio, but what can I really expect? Im going to keep an eye on it and gather my thoughts more. I really need a new, cheap, laptop so I dont continue being a freeloader, borrowing my fathers MacBook Air.

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