Best BUY of 2019: Google Pixel 3a, Unboxing + First Impressions

John Warminski

Twitter: 2JohnAW

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John Warminski

One thought on “Best BUY of 2019: Google Pixel 3a, Unboxing + First Impressions”

  1. Hey John. I think you'll really like the phone.To me it is the best I have used since the switch to Android about a year or so ago.

    Though there are the Samsungs and the one + devices I think for the money the feel of the phone when typing or swiping and the smoothness of animations and scrolling is very nice .

    The haptic motor in this phone makes the whole experience even better. Not mushy feeling but very iPhone like. Clicky feeling .

    Dual speakers, oled display, guaranteed updates for the next three years. It's an excellent device for $$$.

    John you did great. Enjoy it and leave some comments about what you find.

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