Belkin InvisiGlass Ultra Screen Shield Install – iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus

I picked up the Belkin InvisiGlass Ultra screen shield for my new iPhone 7 Plus. In this video I show you how easy it is to install this glass screen shield on the iPhone 7 Plus. The process will be exactly the same for the iPhone 7.

The Belkin InvisiGlass Ultra says it’s 3 to 5 times more scratch resistant. It also offers screen protection from drops, bumps and scratches. I highly recommend some sort of screen protection for your new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.

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19 thoughts on “Belkin InvisiGlass Ultra Screen Shield Install – iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus”

  1. I loved how Belkin had an applicator at Apple store; I used that for my iPhone 7 plus right after purchase and it stayed there for almost 2 years looking utterly neat. Due to irreparable issue, I had a replacement iPhone and had to reapply the screen protector on the replacement phone. But the protector kept lifting up on the edges. That happened with 4 screen protectors that I tried; two xKin and two Belkin, and the problem persists. Now it’s either harder protectors lack flexibility, or my new iPhone does not have a completely flat surface. But I think the harder tempered glass is, the less flexible/applicable it is. The question is: why do we need bullet proof screens? Are we this much unable to preserve our phones? Protective flexible films are almost vanishing!

  2. To anybody that reads this: 1. It does not cover the whole screen. There will be the edges that will be exposed but I think any glass screen protector will do that. 2. It cracks very easily. I keep this in my pocket with nothing else at all. I baby my phone and after less than 2 months I have cracking at the edges. I did not install it myself. I let Apple do it (they have some kind of machine that looks like a waffle maker lol).

  3. I've been told that since the edge of the phone is rounded that is why the protectors aren't completely cover the phone just the black screen which the light comes through hope this make since I even measured the protector and the phone screen area

  4. Pro tip, I would suggest for any screen protector installation, always peel the sticky side of the protector sticky side down, don't put the sticky side sickly side up that's where you get dust or anything on it.

  5. How well does the screen protector fit the screen. Does it cover the entire screen or is there a little bit either side that isn't covered? I cant really tell from the video as the screen is black.

  6. Great Video, Thanks. I'm getting the Jet back version so I will definitely get that. However I was wondering have you heard of any tempered glass for the back of iPhones. Seems to me like a great solution for the Jet back model if it scratches like they sat they do.

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