Belkin BOOST UP iPhone 8 and iPhone X Qi Wireless Charger – Review

Belkin worked closely with Apple on this Qi wireless charger to be optimized for the iPhone 8 and iPhone X

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24 thoughts on “Belkin BOOST UP iPhone 8 and iPhone X Qi Wireless Charger – Review”

  1. Buy the Black/silver version of this Belkin Boost UP though. This one is "optimized for iPhone" is limited to only 7.5w but the black one technically for Samsung phones released in January goes up to 15w and DOES fast charge the iPhone X on the 7.5w Qi charging still(I'm on iOS 11.2 now with the 7.5w charging) with no problems. Even though the iPhone won't go up to 15w it's silly to for the exact same price and product not future proof yourself.

  2. wait so i don’t know anything about tech. apple will be upping the iphones to support 7.5 watts? is that from an ios update or newer models of iphone 8 & x are getting released later on?

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