Are iPhones Worth The Money?

Are iPhones Worth The Money? Hello all in this video we will analyze the industry trend of ever increasing smartphone prices with a focus on the Apple iPhone! Chime in your personal thoughts in the comment section of this video and enjoy the content 🙂

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34 thoughts on “Are iPhones Worth The Money?”

  1. Are iPhones Worth The Money? In this video I analyze the industry trend of ever increasing iPhone prices and if the phone itself presents enough value to warrant a purchase! Do you think the iPhone is worth the money? Comment your reasons why down below and enjoy the content 🙂

  2. So I'll informed to state that these devices have faster processors than many desktops.
    Also dude , answer this , what is it that an iPhone can do that an s10 can't ? Something that justifies that extra premium

  3. You are very right , i am a very long term android user and i have an s9+ right now , but because of you and your possitive attitude i am going to switch to the iphone XS Max on a monthly contract on 2020 , you are a angel for me and for everyone! ( i hope you can see this comment , if you don't i willl always support you in any way )

  4. Save for a car…ok. Save for your 1st years tuition…sure. Save for 3 months rent and deposit so you can move out…definitely. Save up for a phone as a priority is a stretch. For some its not really complaining…its prioritising. I'm not even talking about the Apple haters…its just life you know.

  5. Wow this guy speak like he knows everything lol 😂 and btw I have 10s max and so far I don’t have any problems with it so smooth and nice. I had samsung s8 before but I didn’t regret switching to iPhone XS Max

  6. to me, neither the iPhone XS nor Galaxy s10 are worth a thousand dollars. these prices are just insane. there are phones less than half the price that are barely worse than these.

  7. iphones are worth the price lol. instead of changing ur phone every 2, 3 years. u can use an iphone for like 6 years.
    i still have my iphone 5s.
    and the resell value doesn't decrease as much as other phones

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