Apple's 2019 iPhone Event: What to expect

Let’s round up everything we know and think we know before next week’s big unveil.

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35 thoughts on “Apple's 2019 iPhone Event: What to expect”

  1. It’s the same phone over and over again. This high price ass phone don’t even have split screen. No long term battery use. I can list other things as well. Camera is bull shit and no pen. They marked this phone as a business phone but it don’t do business type shit. The only thing that really change is the price keep going up. The damn dual SIM card don’t even work like a normal dual sim

  2. Pro, not Premium. Stop calling the Pro versions, not standard version of phones Premium. You give the idea the most expensive one is what they are support to buy.

  3. Guys Apple is releasing world's fastest MAC in the world. There are three softwares which will be released. Watch OS and ios 13 version for iphones and newly launching ipad OS specially for ipads oly. From now on ios are different and ipad os is different. Bro contact me for more updates. Since it's kept very confidential.. I work for 🍎🤫

  4. Why would they get rid of the 3d touch? That was such a cool feature for apple phone user's. Android has been using the software approach to 3d touch for years now. I think they should keep it

  5. Apple is dead, its been declining over the years, what do you expect this year? Oh yes, the same things last year but "better", so where did the innovation part go? Down the drain, and the best part about this year is!!! X2 THE PRICE!!!!

    and also no warranty for your phone, we've made it crack sooner or later so you buy next years phone, because screw ya!!

  6. Save your money, upgrade next year. 2019 is a lackluster year for phones (except for the foldable phones). Next year we can expect
    to see more from Apple phones as we kick off 2020.

  7. the tag devices are the only thing in quite some time that I'm actually interested in! lost keys, stolen bikes, forgotten sunglasses (depending on tag size), all a thing of the past! Who cares about another iPad, a slightly bigger MacBook Pro? …the same iPhone as last year but more costly?!. boring! tags tags tags please!

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