Apple to fix iPhone X screen issue, Twitter expands character limit (Tech Today)

In this week’s wrap-up, Apple says a software update will take care of unresponsive iPhone X screens. Meanwhile, Twitter doubles up the size of tweets for most languages. Watch more from Tech Today here –

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23 thoughts on “Apple to fix iPhone X screen issue, Twitter expands character limit (Tech Today)”

  1. Its your all money after all.. just go and buy… it not concern me at all.. im also apple fan but I stopped after iphone me as cunsemer apple not bring much changes in couple of years….. now many brand has bring much more features than apple does…

  2. where is my 280 characters on Twitter? Because I haven’t got it, when will they implement it in my account? This is ridiculous, I really cannot wait, I am super excited, I really totally want that 280 characters. if you have got it please reply to this comment, and if you haven’t got it also please reply to this comment and tell me what’s the hell happening because I am really tired and sick and fed up of this 140 characters.

  3. If you are reading this comment, you are:

    1. Human
    2. Able to read this
    3. Are alive
    4. Cannot say the letter "P" without moving your lips
    5. You just tried that

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