Apple iPhone XR In 2019 – 8 Month Later Review

As you call tell by the title, I picked up the iPhone XR in 2019. I actually got a really good deal on it on the Facebook marketplace which I couldn’t pass on because my iphone 8 isn’t cutting it anymore. Anyway if you’re considering picking up this phone this year, I’m making this video to share my experiences with it and to hopefully help you make a purchase decision.

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iPhone XR -…

20 thoughts on “Apple iPhone XR In 2019 – 8 Month Later Review”

  1. Love the video, grabbed the XR for 599 and thought that was a steal. Amazing battery life but feel like the photo quality still lacks next to the latest gen pixel, anyone else compared side by side?

  2. Upgrading my oppo a57 to an Xr in 1 or 2 days πŸ’•, also this video is super great quality! Extremely lovely backing music and calming angles, not to mention all the info in the video is useful πŸ™‚ new sub

  3. Facebook Marketplace has always been a jig for me lol. I use an XS personally but my bro has the XR and loves it fine. Keep up the good work bro πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ

  4. My XR comes in tomorrow. I see a lot of praise, i thought i was going to see a lot of negatives reviews on this device because i bought it out of impulse and thats usually how it works lol. (Just subbed btw. i like your videos!)

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