Apple iPhone X vs. Palm Pre!

There are a surprising amount of similar features between the new iPhone X and the 8 year old Palm Pre! Having some fun and putting both of these devices head to head so you can see the similarities between iOS and WebOS!
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33 thoughts on “Apple iPhone X vs. Palm Pre!”

  1. Was just reminiscing the other day with a friend of mine about the Palm Pre. It really was ahead of its time and so many features are now commonplace in the iPhone. The sliding cards for the open apps…the wireless charging… WebOS was so amazing, just unfortunate it didn't work out with HP for Palm

  2. if they came out with a 720p version of that palm phone with tiny bezels and android P it might actually sell. people with smaller hands that happen to like physical keyboards wld probably love it. (budget conscious people that is)

  3. It’s a real shame the Palm WebOS is no more. I had both the Pre and the Pixi back in the day.
    It was far more user-orientated than Android and iOS put together! It even had inductive wireless charging back then.

  4. i still have mine in mint condition .it is on the touch stone charging now. i also have parts from 2 others in a plastic bag. i bought two of the touchpads that no longer run web os, my favorite phone of all time.

  5. This was hilarious 😂 giving the edge to the Pre on the "physical keyboard" and "mirror" categories 😂 interesting how ahead of it's time this Palm was, and how behind and unoriginal Apple really is.. made me subscribe 👍

  6. I remember when I bought the palm pre , (which I loved !!!!!) saying , if only it had the smoothness and the hardware or APPLEs phones/ UI , it would be PERFECT …. still some things apple needs to finish taking from webos , but the x is pretty darn close to what I had been waiting for all of this time !!! BTW , so glad apple got rid of the long press to close the apps …

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